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Short Answer Questions

1. Who first had the idea of a Messiah to bring the end of times?

2. What did Jung say was the most important religious document?

3. How did Campbell describe marriage?

4. What occupation did Moses serve when he found the burning bush?

5. What was the first country to establish a Goddess cult?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were Campbell's early religious roots?

2. How did Campbell describe his idea of Heaven?

3. How did a Jewish philosopher say a man might get to know God?

4. Who were the Medieval cathedrals dedicated to, and why?

5. What does the painting, the Second Coming, depict?

6. What are Jung's opposing pairs, and what significance do they have?

7. How did Campbell say Christians went about learning new things?

8. How are Judaism and Hinduism opposites of each other?

9. What did Campbell say was the second law of life?

10. Where did Campbell say many of our modern Easter symbols came from?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How were science and religion connected in medieval times, and how does this differ from our current society?

Essay Topic 2

What was Kundalini, and what affect did this power have on the religious culture?

Essay Topic 3

Science was a major theme in this book. Where did it appear, and how was it used to further the informational tone of the book?

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