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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Vyasa's father leave his seed?
(a) In a dead woman.
(b) On a leaf.
(c) In a river.
(d) On a rock.

2. Who taught of a God of Light?
(a) Zoroaster.
(b) Zeuss.
(c) Zomnipall.
(d) Zodiac.

3. What does the Tristan say cannot be separated?
(a) Suffering and bliss.
(b) Good and evil.
(c) Man and God.
(d) Darkness and light.

4. What kind of religion was Shinto considered?
(a) An Ethnic Religion.
(b) A World Religion.
(c) A Literal Religion.
(d) A Historical Religion.

5. What horrible thing did King Kansa order?
(a) Rape of women.
(b) A mass murder of priests.
(c) A holocaust.
(d) Infanticide.

6. What did people in Medieval Europe strive for?
(a) Love and marriage.
(b) Money and wealth.
(c) Individual quests.
(d) Respect and honor.

7. How did Campbell define transcendence?
(a) Learning about the past.
(b) Moving beyond something.
(c) Finding an identity.
(d) Shedding sinful ways.

8. What kind of Medieval man was hesitant to trust Mother Nature?
(a) Christians.
(b) Romans.
(c) Desert nomads.
(d) Pagans.

9. What did the Sumarian God need when he created man?
(a) A pet.
(b) A child.
(c) A gardener.
(d) A friend.

10. What did the procession of the equinoxes create?
(a) A new calendar.
(b) Astrology.
(c) The myth of Zeuss.
(d) The zodiac.

11. What did Thomas Merton study?
(a) Symbols.
(b) Mythology.
(c) Theology.
(d) Literature.

12. What movie was discussed in the Appendix?
(a) Space Explorers.
(b) The Planet of the Apes.
(c) Close Encounters of a Third Kind.
(d) ET.

13. Who found Vyasa as a baby?
(a) A God.
(b) A fisherman.
(c) A priest.
(d) A milkmaid.

14. Which of Arthur's knights suggested going separately into the forest?
(a) Lancelot.
(b) Morgaine.
(c) Gawain.
(d) Galahad.

15. What universal motif applies to the story of Moses?
(a) The rise of a leader.
(b) The fight between good and evil.
(c) The Hero's journey.
(d) The call to duty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Kennedy's occupation?

2. Who did the creator in Indian mythology punish?

3. Who was Jesus teaching when he was missing from his parents?

4. What two images show re-birth?

5. What is the form of the Upanishads God?

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