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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were there ancient drawings of Jesus with an animal head?
(a) It was an insult to Christians.
(b) It was symbolic of strength.
(c) It denoted him as a Jew.
(d) It was a common misconception of the time.

2. Why did Campbell not like preachers to explain symbols?
(a) The symbols should speak for themselves.
(b) The people should discover them on their own.
(c) They are not an authority.
(d) There is not one meaning to symbols.

3. Who began the cycle of the patriarchs?
(a) Isaac.
(b) Moses.
(c) Abraham.
(d) Adam.

4. What was the myth of the cave associated with?
(a) The Autumn Equinox.
(b) The Summer Solstice.
(c) The Winter Solstice.
(d) The Spring Equinox.

5. What occupation did Moses serve when he found the burning bush?
(a) Well digger.
(b) Shepherd.
(c) Architect.
(d) Farmer.

6. What did Campbell say was the main benefit of groupings?
(a) Unity.
(b) Diversity.
(c) Individuality.
(d) Moral values.

7. Where did Mithra's cult flourish?
(a) Babylon.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Alexandria.
(d) Rome.

8. What did Campbell say Easter called men to?
(a) A renewed faith.
(b) A new life.
(c) A higher purpose.
(d) A hopeful future.

9. What movie was discussed in the Appendix?
(a) Close Encounters of a Third Kind.
(b) Space Explorers.
(c) The Planet of the Apes.
(d) ET.

10. What kind of religion is Hinduism considered?
(a) A Historical Religion.
(b) A World Religion.
(c) A Literal Religion.
(d) An Ethnic Religion.

11. Who first had the idea of a Messiah to bring the end of times?
(a) Jews.
(b) Buddhists.
(c) Hinduisms.
(d) Persians.

12. According to the Catholics, what must happen for one to be resurrected?
(a) They must belong to the Church.
(b) They must be crucified.
(c) They must have faith.
(d) They must be purified.

13. What did Campbell say Passover called men to?
(a) A hopeful future.
(b) A higher purpose.
(c) A new life.
(d) A renewed faith.

14. What did Campbell say Freud did to mythology?
(a) Muddled things.
(b) Destroyed ideas.
(c) Developed morals.
(d) Brought things to light.

15. Which of these did Campbell say causes panic in people?
(a) Not being a part of something.
(b) All of these.
(c) Seeing they are too similar to others.
(d) Being betrayed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Arthur's knights suggested going separately into the forest?

2. How did Campbell respond in question and answer situations?

3. What did Medieval festivals often correlate with?

4. What did the Sumarian God need when he created man?

5. How long did Jesus fast in the desert?

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