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Essay Topic 1

How did Campbell say technology was changing the religious landscape at this time in history?

Essay Topic 2

What is literalism, and how did this concept affect the progression of religious ideas?

Essay Topic 3

What significance did Campbell put on the Biblical story of Moses, and how does this differ from most Christians' view about it?

Essay Topic 4

Medieval society was made up of two separate and important cultures, the Pagans and the Christians. Please compare and contrast these two cultures using citations from the text.

Essay Topic 5

What was the significance of the title of the book, and what role did it play in the telling of this interesting history?

Essay Topic 6

What were some of the different reasons given for the death of Christ, and how did these affect Campbell's ideas about Christianity?

Essay Topic 7

What was Kundalini, and what affect did this power have...

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