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Chapter 1, Metaphor and Religious Mystery

• Campbell was doing a radio interview when he stated that he thought myth was all lies.

• He talked about how half of the people saw truth in legends, and the other half saw them as lies.
• Campbell said that metaphor was an important tool in history and had 4 important functions including validation, comfort, interpretation, and introductory.
• He said that metaphors connected people to the infinite, but they were not as effective when history changed.
• Campbell said that Mythology was often mistaken for religion when it was really just a way of explaining things they didn't understand.

Chapter 2, The Experience of Religious Mystery

• Campbell stated that most Western religions stem from Middle Eastern culture.

• Humans want to submit their will to Gods. Each religion has a different way of doing this.
• Mythology's religious function is to awaken awe, humility, and respect for mysteries. Scholars...

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