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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Paddy's job?
(a) Sheep herder.
(b) Storekeeper.
(c) Welder.
(d) Day laborer for other farmers.

2. The "Thorn Birds" spans three generations of what family?
(a) Wahine.
(b) Bricassart.
(c) Cleary.
(d) Aborigine.

3. When Fiona is bedridden with her latest pregnancy, who is her greatest helper?
(a) Meggie.
(b) Harold.
(c) Paddy.
(d) Frank.

4. What job does Paddy give Meggie?
(a) Patrolling the Home Paddock on horseback.
(b) Cooking for the family.
(c) Cleaning the livestock pens.
(d) Watching Jims and Patsy.

5. What does Mary give Ralph the evening of her 72nd birthday party?
(a) The keys to her house.
(b) A sealed envelope.
(c) The family Bible.
(d) The name of someone in Rome.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strikes the dead gum tree and starts the fire?

2. What does Father Ralph tell Meggie when he returns for the funerals?

3. What does Mary Carson have difficulty keeping?

4. With the exception of Meggie, what is the family's attitude toward Fiona's latest pregnancy?

5. How much older is Mary than Ralph?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens to Paddy when he goes to round up sheep during a storm.

2. What does Paddy tell Father Ralph about his past with Fiona?

3. Describe what happens to Hal during one of the dry winters in Chapter 6.

4. What are the land and climate like?

5. What happens to Frank at the district's social event?

6. What makes Meggie's doll special?

7. What happens to Meggie's friendship with Teresa Annunzio?

8. Since Fiona never converted to Catholicism, what aspects of a Catholic life are missing in the household?

9. Why do the Clearys decide to move to Drogheda?

10. Describe Mary Carson's relationship with her brother, Paddy.

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