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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Meggie leave school?
(a) Mary no longer wants to pay tuition at the school.
(b) A pregnant Fiona cannot manage all of the housework.
(c) Meggie needs to help Paddy with the sheep.
(d) Meggie is making poor grades.

2. What happens when the oldest son runs away?
(a) He is put in jail.
(b) He loses his home.
(c) He is captured by the police and brought back home.
(d) He is sent to a military school.

3. What is Father Ralph's new role since the death of Mary Carson?
(a) He hires workers for Drogheda.
(b) He is a private secretary to an Archbishop in Sydney.
(c) He is Paddy's supervisor.
(d) He becomes a school teacher.

4. What is Paddy's occupation when he and his family leave New Zealand?
(a) Blacksmith.
(b) School teacher.
(c) Farmer and sometime sheep shearer.
(d) Boxer.

5. Why do Paddy and Frank have so many conflicts?
(a) Frank is not Paddy's biological son.
(b) Fiona favors Frank over Paddy.
(c) Paddy feels that Frank is too protective of Meggie.
(d) There is so much work to do and both are stressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the socio-economic level of Fiona's family?

2. What does Frank do after he hears reports about him and Paddy?

3. Which sibling does Meggie take under her wing?

4. Which of the following is a gift that Ralph receives from Mary?

5. Who does Meggie not want to tell that she is married?

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