This Side of Paradise Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Amory decide he wants to be when he gets older in his last year of high school?

In his last year of high school, Amory decides that he wants to be a 'Slicker' when he gets older. This means that he wants to be someone who does not do well in school, but does really well at university.

2. Where does Amory decide to go to college, and why?

Amory chooses to attend Princeton University even though no other boys from his school are attending it. He finds that Princeton is the place for intelligent people who have lower work ethics.

3. How is Amory raised by his mother?

Amory Blaine is raised by his mother, Beatrice, who spoils him and takes him around the country looking for amusement.

4. What happens when Amory is heading to Europe when he is 13?

At age 13, Amory's appendix bursts on a ship heading for Europe. After an emergency return to the U.S., he lives with his aunt and uncle in Minneapolis.

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