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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Amory's last name?
(a) Blyne.
(b) Blain.
(c) Blaire.
(d) Blyre.

2. What do Amory and his new friend at college do to entertain themselves?
(a) Cook food.
(b) Drink.
(c) Write poetry.
(d) Play pranks.

3. Who does Amory try to embarrass while he lives with his aunt and uncle?
(a) His cousins.
(b) His teachers.
(c) The priest.
(d) His aunt.

4. How does Dick die?
(a) War wound.
(b) Drowning.
(c) Drug overdose.
(d) Car accident.

5. How is Amory comforted when he gets back to Princeton after being disgusted by the atmosphere on Broadway?
(a) He reads some literature.
(b) He writes about it.
(c) He studies for a test.
(d) He sleeps.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Amory have his first few poems published?

2. Who does Amory talk to before he leaves to go to his new school?

3. Who writes to Amory during the Interlude?

4. What do Amory's friends find for him after he is rejected by Rosalind?

5. What does Eleanor do when Amory tries to kiss her for the first time?

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