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Minneapolis - This is the home of Amory's aunt and uncle. When Amory makes an emergency return to the United States, he goes to live with them.

Lake Geneva - This is the home of Amory's parents. Amory visits his mother there, usually for specific reasons concerning decisions to be made about his education or the family finances.

St. Regis - This is a boy's preparatory school that Amory attends from the ages of fifteen to seventeen. Amory is uncomfortable at the school because he thinks he is better than the other students.

New York City - Throughout Amory's high school and university years, Amory and various friends visit this place for excitement and fun.

The Slicker - This category denotes someone who does not take part in the social activities of high school but who succeeds in university. This is identified by a specific hairstyle.

12 University...

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