This Side of Paradise Character Descriptions

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Mr. Barlow

This character is the president of an advertising company and has an employee who rudely quits his job.

Mr. Barton

This character is a family lawyer, and he advises a client about his inherited and mainly unprofitable property in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Amory Blaine

This character is chiefly characterized by his intense self-obsession and egotism. He is physically good-looking, but not conventionally so, and is known for his penetrating green eyes.

Beatrice O'Hara Blaine

This character is a beautiful woman from the American upper class with a brilliant education. She dies while her son is in the army, leaving half of her possessions to the Catholic Church.

Stephen Blaine

This character is an ineffectual, inarticulate man. His son does not know him very well and he dies while his son is at Princeton.

Isabelle Borgé

This character is something of an actress who has a passionate...

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