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Book 1, Chapter 1

• Amory Blain is raised by his mother Beatrice, who spoils him and travels with him to entertain him.

• When he is 13, Amory's appendix bursts as he is heading to Europe on a ship.

• He is rushed to the U.S. for emergency surgery, and then goes to Minneapolis to live with his aunt and uncle.
• Amory makes friends with a boy named Froggy, but does not do well in school.

• At a party, Amory kisses Myrna once and she gets mad when he won't kiss her again.

• Amory likes to read, but not the books assigned to him in school.

• When he is 15, he asks his mother to send him to a boarding school. She sends him to St. Regis in Connecticut.
• Amory does not do well in school, but plays football well.

• He goes to New York to play and decides he wants to make...

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