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William Kent Krueger
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 21, where was Albert's clothing ripped by a dog?

2. What color cowboy hat did Hawk Flies at Night wear?

3. Where did Powell Schofield used to have a farm?

4. How old did Mother Beal say that a Sioux boy would ben when he went out alone to seek a vision?

5. How much of a price did Hawk Flies at Night say was on the boys' heads?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were Sioux Indians hanged in 1862?

2. In Chapter 39, why did Maybeth say that she gave away her one dress?

3. What did the man who was sitting next to Odie at the crusade want, and how did Odie help?

4. What work did Mose and Albert do for the crusade?

5. Where was Albert bit by a rattlesnake, and why did he not die?

6. Why did Albert want to go to St. Louis?

7. Why did the boys and Emmy have to leave the crusade?

8. Where did Sister Eve find Odie in Chapter 32, and what condition was he in?

9. What did Sister Eve look like when she was speaking and singing in Chapter 23?

10. How did Sister Eve persuade Albert and Mose to join the crusade?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Justice has to do with fairness and doing the right thing. Who were some characters that were treated unjustly? Did they ever receive justice for how they were treated?

Essay Topic 2

The children were mistreated at Lincoln Indian Training School. How were the children mistreated? Were the conditions and the treatment at the school inhumane?

Essay Topic 3

Odie relied heavily on his brother Albert and was known to be a troublemaker. How did Odie’s experiences change him in the book? How did Odie mature and grow in the novel?

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