This Tender Land Short Answer Test - Answer Key

William Kent Krueger
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1. In the Prologue, where does Odie O'Banion live?


2. What year did the story take place that Odie was going to tell?


3. In Chapter 1, how much food would be delivered at a time to the quiet room?

1 biscuit.

4. How much older was Albert than Odie?

4 years.

5. From what book did Albert name the rat in the quiet room?

The Count of Monte Cristo.

6. How old was Odie in 1932?


7. When Odie and Albert were first put in the quiet room, how long had their father been dead?

Less than a week.

8. How long before Odie and Albert were sent to Lincoln Indian Training School, did their mother die?

2 years.

9. What did Herman Volz oversee at Lincoln Indian Training School?

Carpentry shop.

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