Objects & Places from This Tender Land

William Kent Krueger
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This is the instrument that Odie loved to play. It used to belong to his father.

The Quiet Room

This was a place where children were locked in when they were punished at the Lincoln School. It symbolized a lack of freedom.

The Frost's Farm

This was the place where Emmy lived with her family. Sometimes the owner would have boys work there to get out of worse chores. It was a symbol of hope.


These were something that both Sister Eve and Gertie had. They represented triumph over circumstances.

The Crusade

These were the meetings where there was preaching, singing, and healing. It represented freedom and family.


This was a snake that bit Albert. It represented danger and death.

Pink Brick House

This was where Aunt Julia lived. It symbolized home.


This was something Odie watched float in circles on the river. It...

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