This Tender Land Fun Activities

William Kent Krueger
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Make a list of meals that you could eat if you were traveling with the boys and Emmy down the river.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview him.

Map It

Draw a map showing places characters lived and traveled.


Create a diorama of the Lincoln School.

DiMarco's Death

Discuss with a group whether Odie should have been held responsible for DiMarco's death.


Listen to harmonica music of some of the songs mentioned in the book.


A kazoo is similar to a harmonica. Make one by wrapping wax paper around a comb. Then try playing a tune.


Create a timeline showing major events of the novel.


Write an obituary for Albert.


Discuss with a group why so many people were poor in 1932.


Research Hoovervilles. Write a few paragraphs discussing what you learned.

Book Review

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