This Tender Land Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

William Kent Krueger
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Essay Topic 1

The children were mistreated at Lincoln Indian Training School. How were the children mistreated? Were the conditions and the treatment at the school inhumane?

Essay Topic 2

When students misbehaved, they were put in what was called the quiet room. How often was Odie locked in the quiet room? What did the room come to represent for him?

Essay Topic 3

Justice has to do with fairness and doing the right thing. Who were some characters that were treated unjustly? Did they ever receive justice for how they were treated?

Essay Topic 4

What a reader knows about events and characters is determined by the point of view used by the author. What is the point of view in the novel? How does it affect what readers know about characters and events?

Essay Topic 5

Jack was intimidating because he wore an eye patch and how he behaved. Why was...

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