This Tender Land Character Descriptions

William Kent Krueger
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Odie O'Banion

This character had an older brother. His mother died, and then his father was shot and killed. He loved to play the harmonica.

Albert O'Banion

This character had a younger brother. His mother had died, and his father was shot and killed. He was very mechanical and could fix most machinery.

Moses Washington

This character was a Sioux Indian found in a ditch when he was four next to his dead mother. His tongue was cut out, so he had to communicate by sign language.

Emmy Frost

This character lived on a farm with her parents. Her parents taught at an Indian school until they died. Then she ran away with three boys on a river trip.

The Black Witch/Thelma Brickman

This character was the superintendent of Lincoln Indian Training School. She was a cruel person who stole money the parents sent for their children.

Herman Volz

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