Objects & Places from This One Summer

Mariko Tamaki
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Awago Beach

This is where Rose and Windy spend summer vacations.


This is a general store where Rose and Windy buy candy and rent movies.


These are something that Rose has collected since she’s been a little girl.

Horror Movies

These are watched by Windy and Rose, even though they know their mothers don’t approve.


These are Rose’s favorite candy.

Shampoo and Conditioner

This is what Windy and Rose use to care for their hair after swimming in the lake.


These are the primary mode of transportation for Rose and Windy in the novel.


This is something Rose uses to entertain herself during her summer vacation.

Making Baby Naturally

This is something Windy finds and that reveals that Alice would like to have another child.


This was given to Rose by her Uncle Daniel and Aunt Jodie to take...

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