Daily Lessons for Teaching This One Summer

Mariko Tamaki
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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-65)


Jillian and Mariko Tamaki are cousins who collaborate together on graphic novels. The aim of this lesson is to examine their lives and writing/illustration and how they came to work together.


Class Discussion: What was the first book the two collaborated upon? What experience had the two had with writing/illustration before their first book together? How do the two collaborate? How do they work so well together when they work remotely? What part of a book comes together first? Why could Jillian's illustrations be considered translations of Mariko's writing? What part of the books is uniquely Jillian's and what part is uniquely Mariko's? What influenced the two women to begin writing and illustrating? What do the two women share that makes their collaboration work well? What influenced the women to work together?

Activity: Create a chart or poster that shows these things: books...

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