This One Summer Fun Activities

Mariko Tamaki
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Summer Vacation

Discuss with a group your favorite way to spend summer vacation.

Author/Illustrator Interview

Write fifteen questions that you would ask Jillian and Mariko Tamaki if you could interview them.


Play the pencil and paper game, M.A.S.H.

Windy and Rose

Draw a series of illustrations and dialogue that show how you think Windy and Rose met for the first time.

Huron Home

Create a diorama of a home that a Huron Indian might have lived in.

Bonfire on the Beach

Create a menu of foods that you would cook if you were having a bonfire on the beach.

Jenny's Diary

Write a diary entry that Jenny might have written.

This One Summer - The Movie

Imagine that you are the director for a movie based on the graphic novel. What actors would you choose to play the main characters...

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