This One Summer Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mariko Tamaki
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Essay Topic 1

The setting of the novel is revealed through words and illustrations. Which provides a better picture of the setting--the words or the illustrations? Why are both necessary to help readers imagine the setting?

Essay Topic 2

Rose and Windy experience some things for the first time. What are the experiences they have in pages 1-65, and how do those experiences affect the girls?

Essay Topic 3

Pages 1-65 is mostly dialogue between different characters. How does the dialogue reveal information about the characters and how does it advance the story line?

Essay Topic 4

In Pages 66-130, Evan and Alice have an argument. What effect does the argument have upon Rose and why?

Essay Topic 5

In the section of the novel on pages 66-130, there seems to be some tension between Windy and Rose. Why is there tension between the two girls and how does this affect their friendship...

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