This One Summer Character Descriptions

Mariko Tamaki
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This character is a young girl who visits Awago Beach every summer with her parents, and who loves to collect pebbles.


This character is chubby with short, dark hair, and she spends summers at Awago Beach with her mother in a cottage her grandmother rents for them.


This character has a daughter and is struggling with his relationship with his wife since she had a miscarriage.


This character has a daughter, but she is saddened by a miscarriage that she had.


This character has an adopted daughter and is a vegetarian.

Aunt Jodie

This character is a beautiful woman who is concerned about her sister, who had a miscarriage.

Uncle Daniel

This character is married and after an argument with his in-laws, leaves the lake early with his wife.


This character is a teenager who works at Brewster’s Store. He is unkind...

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