This One Summer Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mariko Tamaki
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• Rose Wallace and her family keep a cottage in Awago Beach, where they vacation every summer.

• Rose cannot remember a time when they didn’t go to Awago Beach for the summer.

• Awago Beach is a small vacation town with a general store named Brewster’s and a pizza restaurant, that is only open two days a week.

• Rose’s father is ready to relax when they arrive at the cabin, but her mom wants to unpack and get situated.

• Rose goes to visit her friend Windy, and her father tells her to return by eight since they’re having a barbecue.

• Rose rides her bicycle to Windy’s, and she finds a pebble that she stops to take with her.

• Rose is a year-and-half older than Windy.

• They met when Rose was five and have been summer friends ever since.

• Windy spends the summer in...

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