This Is Where It Ends Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marieke Nijkamp
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Section I - Chapters 1-5

The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Nijkamp, Marieke, This is Where it Ends. Source Books, 2016.

Chapter 1 - Claire

- The novel opens with Claire, a senior, on the track with the rest of her Varsity track team of Opportunity High School.

- It is 10:01, and the team has special allowance to be on the track during the assembly to prepare for the upcoming regional competition.

- Claire is running alongside her best friend Chris who is also a senior and the star of the team.

- The two joke about their principal, Ms. Trenton's assembly speech.

- She always gives the same speech at the start of each semester, and Claire remembers how she practically recited it word for word to her little brother Matt, a freshman, over breakfast.

Chapter 2 -Claire

- While Claire runs alongside...

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