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Kenneth Lonergan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Manhattan does the play take place in?
(a) Upper East Side.
(b) Upper West Side.
(c) Lower East Side.
(d) Lower West Side.

2. How much does Dennis suggest they return to Warren's father after they get back from their trip?
(a) Five thousand dollars.
(b) Ten thousand dollars.
(c) One thousand dollars.
(d) Five hundred dollars.

3. Why does Dennis throw a football at Warren's head?
(a) Because Warren called him names.
(b) Because Warren refuses to leave.
(c) Because Warren kissed his girlfriend.
(d) Because Warren doesn't listen to him and breaks more things.

4. How old is Warren?
(a) Thirty.
(b) Seventeen.
(c) Nineteen.
(d) Twenty-one.

5. What does Dennis kick after he's taken care of the object that has shattered?
(a) One piece of the object.
(b) A can of beer.
(c) The football.
(d) Warren's leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Dennis, he is providing what kind of memories to all of his friends?

2. According to Warren, what did he do when he found the briefcase?

3. How do Dennis and Warren make their living?

4. In the first act, what does Warren tell Dennis that Warren's father does NOT have?

5. With what did Warren replace the money he found in the briefcase?

Short Essay Questions

1. As they converse about Warren's father and the stolen money, what is Dennis'a attitude toward Warren?

2. Why does Dennis suggest Warren take the money to their friend Christian's house? What is Warren's response?

3. What is Warren's history with women, according to Dennis?

4. What are Dennis and Warren discussing as they toss a football, and why is it significant?

5. What is significant about the memorabilia in Warren's suitcase?

6. How does Dennis and Warren's relationship mirror that of Warren and his father's relationship? And what does Warren's attitude toward Dennis reveal about him?

7. Why does Dennis consider himself independent, and why is it significant?

8. Describe Dennis's apartment and how the setting is relevant to his character.

9. After their altercation, what do Warren and Dennis disagree about regarding money?

10. What is the nature of Dennis and Warren's friendship?

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