Objects & Places from This Is Our Youth

Kenneth Lonergan
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Dennis's Apartment

The main setting of the play, located on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

The Plaza Hotel

Warren takes Jessica to this place and spends a thousand dollars here.

Valerie's Sculpture

This object is broken accidentally by Warren when he tosses a football around the apartment.

Fifteen Thousand Dollars

This is the the focal point of the story. It has been stolen from Warren's father.

Warren's Collectables

These treasures date back to the 1950s and 1960s.


This is an illegal substance that Warren and Dennis buy and plan to sell for profit.


This substance is a combination of heroin and cocaine that Warren wants to try and Stuey overdoses on.


This object belongs to Dennis. Warren cracks the clay sculpture with it.


These objects are the only personal touch in Dennis's apartment and provide information about his history as well as a visual context...

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