Daily Lessons for Teaching This Is Our Youth

Kenneth Lonergan
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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Pages 6 - 12)


A play's setting is a critical element of theater production. Lesson 1 looks at the setting of "This Is Our Youth."


1) Class Activity: The play takes place on a cold night in late March in 1982 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The entire play takes place in the apartment of Dennis Ziegler. Recreate his apartment using the board and classroom props as a way to focus on how each object has significance in formation of character development and plot.

2) Class Discussion: How does the setting of "This Is Our Youth" create a mood? What historical facts can you provide about the early 1980s and New York. Discuss how the meaning of the play would change if the play were set in present-day California on a sunny morning, or at some other time. In addition, why do you think Lonergan chose to situate the action in...

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