This Is Our Youth Fun Activities

Kenneth Lonergan
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This Is Your Youth

Research and compare the culture of 1980s with the culture of today--the fashion, music, popular television shows, movies, books, magazines. What influence does the 1980s have on today's culture?


The play brings into focus the more unhealthy aspects of friendship. In groups, compare Dennis and Warren's friendship with your own friendships. What can you learn from them to appreciate and treat the friends you have with respect and kindness?


Warren's memorabilia holds great value for him, both sentimental and material. Bring in your memorabilia that is special to you, and share with the class.

A Woman's POV

Much of the play revolves around Dennis's mistreatment of women, from objectifying all women to demeaning his girlfriend. Imagine if the play were told from Valerie's or Jessica's point of view. How would the meaning of the play change?


Props are a critical aspect...

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