This Is Our Youth Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Kenneth Lonergan
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role of setting in "This Is Our Youth." When and Where does the play take place? What is the significance of the setting?

Essay Topic 2

Choose two characters, and discuss the role of conflict in the play.

1) Between a person and herself or himself.

2) Between two people.

3) Between a person and society.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the treatment of women.

1) How do Dennis and Warren treat women?

2) Who suffers from the mistreatment of women?

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast Dennis and Warren's relationship with their relationships with their fathers.

Essay Topic 5

Discuss drug use as a major theme.

1) Who consumes drugs in the play?

2) Who suffers because of the consumption of drugs?

3) What are the consequences of drug use for the characters?

Essay Topic 6

Socoal class plays a critical role in Dennis's and Warren's lives and livelihood. What are their class backgrounds? How does their...

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