This Is Our Youth Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kenneth Lonergan
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Act 1, Pages 6 - 12

• The play is set in 1982 on Manhattan's Upper West on a late night in March over the course of approximately twenty-four hours.

• The two main characters are Dennis Ziegler, twenty-one, and his friend Warren Straub, nineteen.

• The setting of the play takes place in Dennis's apartment. There is sports equipment everywhere. As the play begins Dennis, who is described as a jock, is watching television He is confident, charismatic, fanatical, and bullying.

• Dennis is watching television when Warren arrives unexpectedly with a suitcase and backpack.

• Warren is described as modeling his fashion and behavior after Dennis's. He has also spent most of his adolescence in trouble.
• Warren asks what Dennis he is doing, but he doesn't answer right away.

• Warren shows Dennis some pot he purchased. Warren says he's saving it, but Dennis begins crumbling it and yells at Warren to get rolling papers and...

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