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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many miles was it to the nearest town from the Jensen ranch?
(a) 9 miles.
(b) 12 miles.
(c) 5 miles.
(d) 21 miles.

2. Where did Bessie and Ivan go for a week and leave Charlie to herd the sheep alone at the reservation range?
(a) Dupuyer.
(b) Ringling.
(c) White Sulphur Springs.
(d) Valier.

3. Where did Bessie spend the Christmas after herding the sheep on the reservation range?
(a) Minnesota.
(b) Ringling.
(c) Wisconsin.
(d) White Sulphur Springs.

4. What was the name of the place where Ivan and the other financial-aid students stayed?
(a) Whitten House.
(b) Lincoln House.
(c) Smythe House.
(d) Latham House.

5. What language did Ivan study that first year in college?
(a) French.
(b) Latin.
(c) German.
(d) Russian.

6. Before Ivan's grandmother came back into his life, how many different places had he lived with his father?
(a) 2 to 3 different places.
(b) 7 to 8 different places.
(c) 4 to 5 different places.
(d) 5 to 6 different places.

7. What river carved the southern boundary of the grazing land for the sheep on the reservation?
(a) Clearwater River.
(b) The Two Medicine River.
(c) Swan River.
(d) Flathead River.

8. What did Ivan start writing fillers for his senior year of college?
(a) A magazine in Milwaukee.
(b) A newspaper in Chicago.
(c) A newspaper in Missoula.
(d) A magazine in Chicago.

9. During Charlie's absence, how many days did Bessie and Ivan have to spend every daylight hour patrolling the sheep grazing on the reservation?
(a) 5.
(b) 8.
(c) 10.
(d) 14.

10. What had one of Ivan's cousins gone to college to learn?
(a) Pharmacy.
(b) Teaching.
(c) Engineering.
(d) Law.

11. What nickname did Bessie give the birds that she saw on the reservation range?
(a) Thieves.
(b) Sharks.
(c) Magpies.
(d) Trash.

12. During Ivan's first job on his own, what did the hale bays weigh that he had to pile onto a moving truck?
(a) 75 pounds.
(b) 80 pounds.
(c) 50 pounds.
(d) 100 pounds.

13. How many acres was the Jensen ranch?
(a) 1,500 acres.
(b) 2,500 acres.
(c) 5,100 acres.
(d) 4,000 acres.

14. How many ewes had McGrath put on the grass at Camas?
(a) 2,500.
(b) 4,000.
(c) 6,000.
(d) 3,000.

15. How much time would Ivan spend traveling to be able to spend five or six days in Montana in March?
(a) 2 days.
(b) 2 1/2 days.
(c) 1 1/2 days.
(d) 3 days.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Angus, Charlie's brother, injured the second summer that Ivan was back from college?

2. How many new students were there at Ivan's new high school?

3. In the fall after herding sheep on the reservation range, how many students were in Ivan's class at Valier?

4. When were the sheep sheared when they were on the reservation range?

5. What branch of the military did Ivan serve in?

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