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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the election of Republicans pave the way for according to "The New Reckoning"?
(a) Continuation of the war.
(b) The passage of the the 13th amendment.
(c) The passage of the War Time Spending bill.
(d) The work of reconstruction.

2. Who was "The Heaviest Blow Yet Dealt to the Rebellion" intended for?
(a) An Illinois widow.
(b) An Illinois soldier.
(c) His stepbrother..
(d) An Illinois acquaintance.

3. Who was "Constantly Denounced and Opposed" intended for?
(a) Isaac Arnold.
(b) Mark Stanberg.
(c) Otto beruk.
(d) Robert Cramn.

4. Who would employ the strategy Lincoln described in "Making Our Advantage an Over-match for His" in 1864?
(a) General Sherman.
(b) General McClellan.
(c) General Grant.
(d) General Hooker.

5. What did "Questions I Reserve to Myself" foreshadow?
(a) Proclamation for National Fast Day.
(b) The Emancipation Proclamation.
(c) Proclamation to Overrule the General's Emancipation.
(d) Thanksgiving Proclamation.

6. How was Hooker's character according to "I Will Risk the Dictatorship"?
(a) Headstrong and ambitious.
(b) Ambitious and proud.
(c) Vain and ambitious.
(d) Headstrong and vain.

7. What happened to white Union commanders leading black soldiers captured by Confederates according to "The Same Protection to All Its Soldiers"?
(a) They were killed.
(b) They were forced to serve in the Confederate army.
(c) They were sent home.
(d) They were forced to sign confession letters.

8. What did Lincoln want African Americans to do after the war according to "The Ban is Still Upon You"?
(a) Go to Texas.
(b) Colonize the Caribbean.
(c) Go west.
(d) Return to Africa.

9. Who does Lincoln thank in "Not Best to Swap Horses When Crossing Streams"?
(a) The Democratic party.
(b) The Republican party.
(c) The anti-slavery league.
(d) The Union League.

10. What was the Wade-Davis bill about?
(a) War fonding.
(b) Exceptions in the Emencipation Proclamation.
(c) Forgiveness for war profiteers.
(d) Reconstruction.

11. What policy did Lincoln ask congress to help with in "Gradual Emancipation is Better for All"?
(a) Gradual emancipation and full suffrage.
(b) Gradual emancipation.
(c) Gradual arrests of disloyal residents and gradual emancipation.
(d) Gradual suffrage.

12. What was General Hooker appointed as at the time of "I Will Risk the Dictatorship"?
(a) Commander of the Potomac army.
(b) Commander of the Massachusetts army.
(c) Commander of the Union armies.
(d) Commander of the Virginia army.

13. When was "The New Reckoning" written?
(a) December 1865.
(b) December 1864.
(c) December 1862.
(d) December 1863.

14. Why was the general Lincoln sent "But You Must Act" to defeated?
(a) He let Confederates cut off his supply line.
(b) He gave Confederates a chance to take them prisoner.
(c) He gave Confederates forces time to re-deploy.
(d) He was lazy and did not have a plan.

15. Who was "A Fair Specimen of What Has Occurred to Me Through Life" intended for?
(a) A housewife.
(b) A soldier.
(c) A political ally.
(d) An actor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sent the letter prompting Lincoln to write "Not an Entirely Impartial Judge"?

2. What idea did Lincoln stress in "The Jewel of Liberty" ?

3. What was one of Lincoln key objectives in the war according to "Making Our Advantage an Over-match for His"?

4. Who was in command of the Union armies in April of 1864?

5. Who does Lincoln congratulate in "You Were Right, and I Was Wrong"?

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