This Earth of Mankind Character Descriptions

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This is the novel's main character and primary narrator.

Annelies Mellema

This character's beauty is said to rival that of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands.

Robert Mellema

This character is the primary antagonist and identifies himself with Europeans, even though he is actually a Native.

Nyai Ontosoroh

This person leads the family business and is a Native. This person becomes a concubine.

Robert Suurhof

A European who falls for another character but is rejected.

Magda Peters

This person is Dutch and a liberal teacher.


This is the guard of a family, home, and business.

Jean Marais

This person is French and studied at the Sorbonne.

May Marais

This person is treated like a younger sister by another character.

Mrs. Telinga

This person is the landlady in the story.

Mr. Telinga

This person is the landlord in the story.

Herman Mellema

This character visits with concubines and...

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