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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1

• This story tells the story of a young boy, Minke, who is on the brink of manhood.

• The story tells of his life in colonized Indonesia.

• Minke retells the story of his adventures in love and education.

• Minke wrote the story based on notes that he took during the time the events occurred.

• He admits that he does not know if his story is reality based or mixed with imagination.

Chapter 2

• Chapter 2

• Minke begins his story by boasting of his education at one of the best schools in the Indies.

• He describes the process on the island which includes trains and photographs.

• Robert Suurhof arrives at Minke's home and tells him that he wants to introduce him to a beautiful girl.

• When they arrive and see Annelies, Minke agrees that she is pretty.

• Robert Suurhof says that he cannot date her because he is pure blood...

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