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Short Answer Questions

1. "The lesbian of color is not only invisible, she does not even __________." ("Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to 3rd World Women Writers")

2. Merle Woo claims that being a Chinese man in America makes the man a victim of _______________.

3. Who wrote the following: "I do not believe/our wants have made all our lies/holy"?

4. What is the NBFO?

5. Why can't Gloria Anzaldua sleep at night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Hattie Gossett believe that it would be difficult to get her book out?

2. What does Gloria Anzaldua state is the reason that one resists the act of writing?

3. How did Gloria Anzaldua describe herself as "Shiva"?

4. Mirtha Quintanales stated that all humans had/have needs that must be met. What, according to Quintanales, are the circumstances under which these needs are to be met?

5. What comparison did Cheryl Clarke make between lesbians and black women?

6. According to Gloria Anzaldua, what were the problems associated with power in her essay "La Prieta"?

7. According to Cherrie Moraga's introduction to the section "Speaking in Tongues: The Third World Woman Writer," what did first generation third world writers defy?

8. What did Michelle Wallace, as noted by the Combahee River Colective, state about the struggle to change the Black woman's condition?

9. Why does Gloria Anzaldua write?

10. What "click" did Beverly Smith claim still existed in the women's movement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you believe that any "voice"was left out of the book? What voice do you believe was omitted from the view points? Why do you believe this voice was omitted from the book? Why do you believe that this voice would have added to the tone of the theme?

Essay Topic 2

Using the writings of Cherrie Moraga, describe and define the different types of lesbianism. Be sure to address their similarities and their differences.

Essay Topic 3

Metaphors in many of the writings showed a comparison of ideals and objects that painted a very vibrant, and sometimes disturbing, picture. Choose three to five metaphors and discuss the importance of the metaphor, the point the metaphor was making, and the use of the comparison in making the point the author wanted to make. Did the use of the metaphor work? Why/Why not?

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