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Short Answer Questions

1. What word did Gloria and Merlin wish to define for themselves, based upon their choice to leave a national feminist writers movement?

2. According the Doris Davenport, why is the feminist movement racist?

3. Where does the narrator of "Wonder Woman" reflect about other women doing the same things as she does?

4. According to the introduction to the first section of the book, what will readers find voices from?

5. What did the author of "When I Was Growing Up" long to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the introduction, Moraga defined the different sections of the book. What are they?

2. What did Barbara Smith claim about many lesbians being separatists?

3. Why did Doris Davenport state that racist white feminists were powerless, spineless, and invisible?

4. In the poem "When I was Growing Up," what was life like for Nellie Wong?

5. What did Beverly Smith claim was the problem with analyzing problems within the women's movement?

6. What does Rosario Morales say that she is in "I am What I Am"?

7. How did Mitsuye Yamada say that Asian Pacific American women could make themselves more visible?

8. Name three of the problems that Doris Davenport named as part of the problem within the feminist movement?

9. Why did Luisah Teish claim that men always put down herbal remedies? (From her interview with Gloria Anzaldua.)

10. How did Gloria Anzaldua describe herself as "Shiva"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

White women are detailed, in many of the writings, as being a large part of the oppression within the women's movement. What problems, according to the writers, do white women make for women of color in the movement? How do the writers support their statements against white women in the movement? Why do these problems seem ironic for the movement?

Essay Topic 2

Time and time again, fear is a main theme by many of the authors. Discuss fear as a consistent problem associated with the women's movement. Detail different authors' perspectives on the problems associated with the existence of fear within the women's movement.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the authors claim that they had to make personal changes to feel like they were part of the women's movement, while others stated that not changing was the answer. Discuss the different stands that the authors make in regard to personal change within the women's movement. When is change necessary? When is change not necessary? Why?

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