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Short Answer Questions

1. Rosario Morales claims that color and class do not define what two things?

2. Why does Chrystos claim that white women are so rarely loyal?

3. What does the narrator say she is in "I Am What I Am"?

4. Who wrote "I Am What I Am"?

5. What culture does Judit Moschkovich align with American culture?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Audre Lorde decide never to talk to white women about racism?

2. What did Aurora Levins Morales decide was the issue that she had with Piri Thomas' book "Down These Mean Streets"?

3. What did Doris Davenport describe as Black "wimmin's "aversion to white "wimmin"?

4. Why did Doris Davenport state that racist white feminists were powerless, spineless, and invisible?

5. What questions did Anita Valerio discuss regarding the holy woman?

6. How do the poems "When I Was Growing Up" and "on not being" differ by point-of-view?

7. What is the common theme that all of the writings from the section titled "Introduction and Children Passing in the Streets: The Roots of Our Radicalism" have in common?

8. Given that Judit Moschovich did not equate "American" with imperialistic and racist, what did she equate "American" with?

9. According to Anita Valerio, how is the Okan described?

10. What did Judit Maschkovich define as American and Latin culture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you believe that any "voice"was left out of the book? What voice do you believe was omitted from the view points? Why do you believe this voice was omitted from the book? Why do you believe that this voice would have added to the tone of the theme?

Essay Topic 2

Many times throughout the book, internal struggles are blamed for the external problems associated with the women's movement. What purpose does the internal dissection of one's self serve in the women's movement, according to the authors that chose to identify this as a problem? Based on your reading, why do you believe that some authors chose to address this problem, and some did not?

Essay Topic 3

The book "This Bridge Called My Back" takes into consideration many different view points on the problems associated with the women's movement. Discuss in detail the variety of viewpoints notated in the book. What "label" does the author fit into? What does the author state as the problems in the movement? How does she detail the ways for the problems to be fixed?

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