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Short Answer Questions

1. What "problem" is addressed in the first section of the book?

2. Where did the author of "La Guera's" mother work while lying about her age?

3. What is Latin American culture dominated by as related in "But I know You, American Woman"?

4. According to the introduction of "And When you Leave, Take Your Pictures with You: Racism in the Women's Movement," women of color are veterans of____________.

5. According to Chrystos, what is no longer considered a tool that can eliminate racism?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Doris Davenport state that racist white feminists were powerless, spineless, and invisible?

2. Name three of the problems that Doris Davenport named as part of the problem within the feminist movement?

3. According to Audre Lorde, what was the diversion task of black and third world women?

4. How do the poems "When I Was Growing Up" and "on not being" differ by point-of-view?

5. What did Aurora Levins Morales' friend Ceci say must change for things to be different so the daughters of Latinos could be free?

6. How did Mitsuye Yamada say that Asian Pacific American women could make themselves more visible?

7. According to Emma Goldman from Cherrie Moraga's "La Guera," how must one gain a philosophy from any event?

8. What did Aurora Levins Morales decide was the issue that she had with Piri Thomas' book "Down These Mean Streets"?

9. What is the meaning behind "Wonder Woman"?

10. What did Judit Maschkovich define as American and Latin culture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the authors claim that they had to make personal changes to feel like they were part of the women's movement, while others stated that not changing was the answer. Discuss the different stands that the authors make in regard to personal change within the women's movement. When is change necessary? When is change not necessary? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Using the writings of Cherrie Moraga, describe and define the different types of lesbianism. Be sure to address their similarities and their differences.

Essay Topic 3

Do you believe that any "voice"was left out of the book? What voice do you believe was omitted from the view points? Why do you believe this voice was omitted from the book? Why do you believe that this voice would have added to the tone of the theme?

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