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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author who was quoted at the beginning of "La Guera" hope that women can make their own?
(a) Lives and experiences.
(b) Culture.
(c) Tradition.
(d) Society.

2. Why does Rosario Morales carry a "pole 18 inches long"?
(a) To protect herself from America.
(b) To protect herself from right-winged feminists.
(c) To protect herself from 13-89 year old men.
(d) To maintain her right to be proud of her culture.

3. What culture does Judit Moschkovich align with Latin culture?
(a) Spanish cultures.
(b) European Latin cultures.
(c) Latin American cultures.
(d) Island cultures.

4. According to the introduction of "And When you Leave, Take Your Pictures with You: Racism in the Women's Movement," women of color are veterans of____________.
(a) Objectivity.
(b) Supremacist ideals.
(c) Class and color war.
(d) Diminished self-worth.

5. When was "La Guera" written?
(a) July, 1956.
(b) January, 1990.
(c) October, 1963.
(d) September, 1979.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book did Mary Daly send to Audre Lorde?

2. Who did the subject from "on not bein" marry?

3. What must one do to become visible, according to "Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster: Reflections of an Asian American Woman"?

4. Why did the author of "When I Was Growing Up"' sisters get praised?

5. What nationality does the narrator of "I Am What I Am" find funny in the way that they speak?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the meaning behind "Wonder Woman"?

2. What did Aurora Levins Morales' friend Ceci say must change for things to be different so the daughters of Latinos could be free?

3. What are three of the ironic questionings that Lim makes regarding women in her poem "Wonder Woman"?

4. What did Judit Maschkovich define as American and Latin culture?

5. What did Cherrie Moraga state as the driving force behind compiling the book "This Bridge Called My Back"?

6. In the introduction, Moraga defined the different sections of the book. What are they?

7. What questions did Anita Valerio discuss regarding the holy woman?

8. Given that Judit Moschovich did not equate "American" with imperialistic and racist, what did she equate "American" with?

9. What happened to Naomi Littlebear when she ran home after being attacked as a little girl?

10. What did Aurora Levins Morales decide was the issue that she had with Piri Thomas' book "Down These Mean Streets"?

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