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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Rosemary and Toby do when they leave the West Seattle apartment?

2. What is Toby's punishment for vandalizing the bathroom?

3. Why doesn't Toby like Dwight?

4. Why do Toby and his mother believe they will be successful in Utah?

5. What is the condition under which Toby's mother agrees to let him change his name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Toby and Pearl do in the car while they wait for Rosemary and Dwight outside the Marblemount tavern?

2. What activities do Rosemary and Dwight participate in at the local rifle club? How well do they perform?

3. What happens when Toby wants to take Roy's gun when he and his mother prepare to leave Roy's house?

4. Describe Rosemary's father.

5. What sins does Toby confess before his baptism? Why does he confess these sins?

6. Describe what Toby does at the Archery Club.

7. What happens on the drive from Toby's house to Chinook?

8. Describe Toby's basketball game against Van Horn.

9. How does Rosemary react when she is told Toby's crime?

10. What happens at the Thanksgiving turkey shoot?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Toby and Pearl live together for several years. Describe, with specific examples, the kind of relationship they have. How were their childhoods different? How were their childhoods the same? Discuss the differences or similarities of their futures.

Essay Topic 2

Rosemary lives in a fantasy world. She never sees the worst of people until it is too late and makes poor decisions for herself and her son. Citing specific examples from the text, discuss how Rosemary's attitude has a negative impact on her and Toby's life. Explain why Rosemary acts the way she does and how this in turn influences Toby's behavior.

Essay Topic 3

Toby grows up without a proper father figure in his life. As a result, he forms his behavior based on what he sees. Describe the man Toby aspires to be. In your opinion, does he have a chance to be this man? Why or why not? Include specific examples to explain your reasoning.

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