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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't Rosemary speak to Toby after the fight?
(a) She is ashamed of him.
(b) She is angry at Dwight for showing Toby how to fight.
(c) She doesn't want to encourage him to fight.
(d) She had bet money that Toby would win.

2. What is a smoker?
(a) A type of fish.
(b) The school's slang for students who smoke.
(c) The boxing fights Mr. Mitchell oversees.
(d) A place where students go to smoke.

3. Toby's older friends are most interested in:
(a) Stealing from local stores.
(b) Teasing younger students.
(c) Getting Toby drunk and helping him lose his virginity.
(d) Picking fights.

4. After getting Dwight's car stuck in a ditch, Toby sings instead of cursing because:
(a) He remembers how Sister James frowned on cursing.
(b) An older woman hears him curse and scolds him.
(c) It makes him feel better than cursing.
(d) Champion becomes upset when Toby swears.

5. Which of the following is not a condition Toby must agree to before he can live in Mr. Bolger's house?
(a) Toby must help around the house and go to church.
(b) Toby cannot drink, smoke, or swear.
(c) Toby must do his schoolwork.
(d) Toby cannot challenge Mr. Bolger's authority.

6. What does Norma ask Rosemary?
(a) What advice Rosemary can give Norma about marrying Kenneth.
(b) How to raise a family.
(c) How old Rosemary was when she first married.
(d) Why Rosemary married Dwight.

7. Why does Rosemary campaign for Senator Jackson and John F. Kennedy?
(a) She wants to spend time away from Dwight.
(b) She is attracted to Kennedy.
(c) They are hopeful.
(d) She believes they will change the world.

8. What does Stephen offer in response to the letter Toby sends him?
(a) Stephen offers to pay for Toby to attend boarding school.
(b) Stephen says he plans to send money so Toby and Rosemary can get away from Dwight.
(c) Stephen offers to bring Toby and Rosemary to live with him in Paris.
(d) Stephen invites Toby to live with him in Paris.

9. While Rosemary tells Toby he is no longer helping her, Toby can only think about:
(a) Running away and never seeing Rosemary again.
(b) Killing Dwight and his mother.
(c) How good it felt to have friends looking for him and calling his name.
(d) How much he wishes his mother loved him.

10. Why is Dwight nice to Rosemary after Toby leaves?
(a) He has found religion.
(b) Toby is out of the house.
(c) He knows she is trying to leave.
(d) He has come into some money.

11. Why doesn't Toby engage the easy girls his friends find for him?
(a) He promised his priest he wouldn't have sex until he married.
(b) He wants to make his own conquests.
(c) The girls intimidate him.
(d) He only wants to have sex with a girl he loves.

12. What does Toby realize about the fence Mr. Welsh's children are building?
(a) It symbolizes Mr. Welsh's futile attempts to protect his family from the world.
(b) It serves no purpose other than to occupy the children's time.
(c) Toby and his friends had destroyed the fence without realizing it.
(d) It is unsound and will never stand.

13. Why does Tina Flood want to marry Chuck even though she doesn't know for sure that she is carrying his child?
(a) She knows Chuck won't beat her.
(b) Marrying Chuck will make her parents angry.
(c) She knows he is the best catch and is trying to trap him.
(d) Her parents think Chuck would be a good husband.

14. Whenever Rosemary suggests that Toby go for a ride with Dwight, all Toby can think of is:
(a) Every time he's ridden with Dwight when Dwight is drunk.
(b) Bearing the consequences of his mother's actions.
(c) Dwight taking Champion for a ride in the car and shooting him.
(d) Realizing that his mother doesn't love him.

15. What does Rosemary tell Toby when she picks him up from Hill?
(a) Toby lasted longer than she thought he would.
(b) She didn't expect anything better from Toby.
(c) She is disappointed in Toby.
(d) Toby is exactly like his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Howard think will be difficult for Toby to adjust to at Hill?

2. What happens when Mr. Welsh refuses Toby's help on the farm?

3. How does Toby respond when Mr. Howard warns him that he might have a rough time at Hill?

4. Dwight really got the dog:

5. How does Toby spend his $80?

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