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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Toby act like he is sorry about the fight with Arthur?
(a) To stay friends with Arthur.
(b) To keep Dwight from getting angry.
(c) To impress Norma.
(d) To make his mother feel better.

2. Why does Toby steal things?
(a) He gets great satisfaction from stealing.
(b) He wants to prove how cool he is.
(c) His friends dare him.
(d) Stealing is the only way he can get the things he wants.

3. Who takes Toby to his basketball games when Rosemary is working?
(a) Skipper.
(b) Norma and Bobby Crow.
(c) Toby walks to his games.
(d) Dwight.

4. Which of the following is most symbolic of Toby's life with Dwight?
(a) Toby fantasizes about doing heroic deeds.
(b) Rosemary does not apologize for leaving Toby with Dwight.
(c) Toby never sees the sun.
(d) Pearl never leaves Toby alone.

5. What happens during the game against Van Horn?
(a) Dwight causes a scene by bursting in during the game and trying to bring Toby home.
(b) Toby gets some words of encouragement from his coach.
(c) Toby makes a spectacular shot.
(d) Toby's shoes make him fall whenever he tries to stop and the crowd laughs at him.

6. What is Toby's mother's name?
(a) Kathy.
(b) The reader does not know.
(c) Rosemary.
(d) Annette.

7. Why do Toby and his mother leave Moab, Utah?
(a) Toby's mother is offered a job in Salt Lake City.
(b) Any mining fortune to be made has already been made.
(c) Moab's schools are not suitable for Toby.
(d) Toby's mother decides to return to her hometown in California.

8. What happens when Toby's mother returns from dinner with Gil?
(a) She tells Toby that Gil will bring him a bike the next day.
(b) She is crying, and Toby comforts her.
(c) Toby hears her come in, but does not talk with her.
(d) She asks Toby what he thinks of Gil.

9. Why do Dwight and Toby pretend to have a normal family relationship when Rosemary visits?
(a) Toby is afraid he will hurt his mother's feelings if she sees how unhappy he is.
(b) Toby wants a family life even if it's not perfect.
(c) Toby wants his mother to marry Dwight.
(d) Dwight threatens Toby and forces him to act happy.

10. When Dwight drives drunk after visiting Marblemount tavern, Pearl grabs Toby when Dwight takes sharp curves. What does this show about Pearl and Toby's relationship?
(a) Both Pearl and Toby are victims of Dwight's cruelty.
(b) Pearl and Toby act as a support system for each other.
(c) Pearl has feelings for Toby.
(d) Pearl fears her father.

11. What news does Rosemary have for Toby after spending the weekend with Dwight?
(a) She is sending Toby to live with Dwight.
(b) Dwight has asked her to move in with him.
(c) Dwight has asked her to marry him.
(d) She and Dwight have broken up.

12. Why do Toby and his mother believe they will be successful in Utah?
(a) Housing is cheap.
(b) They have had it rough and deserve some good luck.
(c) The job market is very healthy.
(d) Toby's mother has received a promising job offer.

13. What does Rosemary say to Toby about Dwight after meeting him?
(a) She reminds Toby that Marian thinks she needs to be married.
(b) She thinks it would be good for Toby to have a father figure and siblings.
(c) Dwight would like to adopt Toby as his son.
(d) Dwight reminds Rosemary of her father.

14. What do Roy and Toby do every day?
(a) Read a book.
(b) Shoot cans.
(c) Wait for Toby's mother to follow her home from work.
(d) Make dinner before Toby's mother comes home.

15. Which of the following did Rosemary's father NOT do?
(a) Drive away boys Rosemary liked.
(b) Torture his wife.
(c) Behave like a loving parent.
(d) Force Rosemary to smoke so she would stay thin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Toby tell his mother happened to the squirrel he shot?

2. What is the condition under which Toby's mother agrees to let him change his name?

3. Where does the vice principal accuse Toby of vandalizing the bathroom wall?

4. What does Dwight do when Toby walks by the makeshift practice range in the hallway?

5. Toby braces himself "for the next curve" at the end of Chapter 3. Which of the following does this NOT refer to?

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