This Boy's Life Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What do Toby and his mother believe about their new life in Utah?

Toby believes he will be a new person who fits in. His mother is convinced that all their problems will go away in Utah. They both believe these things will happen because they have been through some rough times and deserve a little luck.

2. Describe Toby's mother.

Toby's mother does not live in the present. She always thinks the best of people and situations until it is too late. She doesn't understand that her life is hard because of the bad choices she makes. Her father was abusive, and as a result, she seeks out abusive men.

3. Describe what Toby does at the Archery Club.

The boys in the club initially shoot at stray cats that wander into the churchyard. When the cats learn to stay out of the yard, the boys shoot at each other. Toby begins to skip Archery Club when Sister James sees him aiming his bow at a classmate.

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