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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, The Amen Corner (pgs. 270-276).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After getting Dwight's car stuck in a ditch, Toby sings instead of cursing because:
(a) He remembers how Sister James frowned on cursing.
(b) Champion becomes upset when Toby swears.
(c) It makes him feel better than cursing.
(d) An older woman hears him curse and scolds him.

2. Toby's older friends are most interested in:
(a) Getting Toby drunk and helping him lose his virginity.
(b) Picking fights.
(c) Stealing from local stores.
(d) Teasing younger students.

3. What does Dwight find in the trash that prompts him to hit Toby?
(a) An empty bottle of vodka.
(b) A mustard bottle with a few specks of mustard left.
(c) Shell casings.
(d) The rotted chestnuts and beaver pelt.

4. Kenneth spends all of his time in Dwight's house:
(a) Drinking.
(b) Making snide comments about the Christmas tree.
(c) Insulting the family.
(d) Goading Toby into a fight.

5. Why are Toby and his mother leaving Florida for Utah?
(a) They are trying to escape Toby's mother's boyfriend.
(b) Toby's father lives in Utah.
(c) Toby's mother has been offered a job in Utah.
(d) Toby's mother thinks Toby will receive a better education there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following sins does Toby not include in his baptism confession?

2. Toby never calls Arthur a liar because:

3. How does Toby's mother decide where they are moving?

4. Why does Dwight take an interest in Toby?

5. Why does Toby want Roy's Winchester .22 rifle?

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