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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Citizenship in the School (pgs. 181-191).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Arthur's house one night, Toby and Arthur kiss. What happens as a result?
(a) Their friendship falls apart.
(b) They begin a relationship.
(c) From then on, they make fun of each other every time they feel they are getting too close.
(d) Nothing.

2. What does Skipper's car look like when he returns from Mexico?
(a) It has been destroyed by a sandstorm.
(b) Skipper doesn't return.
(c) The upholstery is beautiful.
(d) Skipper was sold cheap leather upholstery.

3. Toby braces himself "for the next curve" at the end of Chapter 3. Which of the following does this NOT refer to?
(a) Literally, the next curve in the road.
(b) The dangerous life curve his mother has put him on.
(c) The next curveball Dwight throws him.
(d) Toby's opportunity to start a better life.

4. How does Rosemary punish Toby?
(a) She makes him give her his cigarettes.
(b) She takes a bath, reads a book, and goes to bed early.
(c) She spanks him.
(d) As Marian suggests.

5. What do Toby and his mother do during the evenings?
(a) They have dinner at a local church.
(b) Toby's mother flirts with the landlord while Toby is left alone.
(c) Toby's mother helps him with his schoolwork.
(d) They go for walks and fantasize about buying houses.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Toby's mother was little, she rode in a parade float called the "End of the Rainbow." What does this suggest about Toby's mother?

2. Why do Toby and his mother leave Moab, Utah?

3. What news does Rosemary have for Toby after spending the weekend with Dwight?

4. Toby tells his family he will not be moving to Paris because:

5. What did the note from Sister James say?

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