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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Citizenship in the School (pgs. 181-191).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Toby is crushed when he realizes that Bobby and Norma were having sex while he played basketball. What does this prompt Toby to fantasize about?
(a) Hitting Norma for betraying him, and then forgiving her.
(b) Beating Bobby up.
(c) Getting horribly injured in Norma's presence and being nursed back to health by her.
(d) Winning a basketball game to get Norma's attention.

2. What television show does Toby watch every day with his friends?
(a) The Mickey Mouse Club.
(b) Seattle Bandstand.
(c) American Idol.
(d) American Bandstand.

3. Why doesn't Toby's mother want him to take the rifle to Seattle with them?
(a) She thinks Toby likes Roy better than he likes her.
(b) She doesn't think Toby deserves to have the rifle.
(c) She doesn't like guns, and it won't fit in the car.
(d) She's afraid it will cause trouble.

4. Dwight really got the dog:
(a) Because Rosemary thought Champion was cute.
(b) To help him hunt.
(c) To irritate the neighbors.
(d) To guard the house.

5. Why does Norma start dating Kenneth after high school?
(a) Dwight makes derogatory comments about Bobby Crow.
(b) Kenneth is on track to be more successful.
(c) She loves Bobby Crow, but he will not leave his Indian camp.
(d) Bobby Crow ends their relationship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Skipper go to Tijuana, Mexico?

2. Which of the following things can Toby not forgive himself for?

3. What does Dwight do on the drive to Chinook?

4. Why are Toby and his mother leaving Florida for Utah?

5. Why does Toby allow others to think he won the fight with Arthur?

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