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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Citizenship in the Home (pgs. 145-154).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Toby steal things?
(a) He gets great satisfaction from stealing.
(b) Stealing is the only way he can get the things he wants.
(c) His friends dare him.
(d) He wants to prove how cool he is.

2. Toby braces himself "for the next curve" at the end of Chapter 3. Which of the following does this NOT refer to?
(a) The dangerous life curve his mother has put him on.
(b) Literally, the next curve in the road.
(c) The next curveball Dwight throws him.
(d) Toby's opportunity to start a better life.

3. Why doesn't Toby's mother want him to take the rifle to Seattle with them?
(a) She thinks Toby likes Roy better than he likes her.
(b) She doesn't think Toby deserves to have the rifle.
(c) She doesn't like guns, and it won't fit in the car.
(d) She's afraid it will cause trouble.

4. The next time Toby sees Bobby Crow after Norma has broken up with him, he notes that Bobby:
(a) Is still in love with Norma.
(b) Is trying to become successful.
(c) Will not even acknowledge Toby.
(d) Has murder in his eyes.

5. Kenneth spends all of his time in Dwight's house:
(a) Making snide comments about the Christmas tree.
(b) Insulting the family.
(c) Goading Toby into a fight.
(d) Drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the significance of the particularly cruel woman in the crowd during the game being dressed in curlers and toreador pants?

2. How does Toby's mother decide where they are moving?

3. What is ironic about Dwight forcing Toby to admit he is a liar?

4. Why is Toby afraid to say anything bad about Roy when his mother asks what he thinks about leaving Roy?

5. Toby says the Irish tenor in the Champagne Orchestra is singing for his life. This mirrors how Toby feels about:

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