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This is Toby and Rosemary's destination when they leave Florida. They do not end up living here.


This is where Arthur, Geoffrey, and Arthur's new wife live at the beginning of the novel.

Winchester .22 Rifle

Roy gives this object to Toby and Dwight takes it away.

West Seattle

Toby and Rosemary move to a boarding house here before renting a house with Kathy and Marion.

The Mickey Mouse Club

Toby and the two Terry's watch this show every day at five o'clock.


This barracks in Oregon once housed German prisoners but is now duplexes where Dwight and his family live.


Dwight always stops to drink in this village.

The Handbook for Boys

This is the name of a manual that Toby enjoys reading.


This is the country where Rosemary's brother Stephen lives with his family.


This is the name of the animal...

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