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Essay Topic 1

Rosemary lives in a fantasy world. She never sees the worst of people until it is too late and makes poor decisions for herself and her son. Citing specific examples from the text, discuss how Rosemary's attitude has a negative impact on her and Toby's life. Explain why Rosemary acts the way she does and how this in turn influences Toby's behavior.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book, Toby's friends have more of an impact on him than the parental figures in his life. Discuss Toby's relationships with his friends. Explore the ways in which Toby is influenced by his social groups (i.e., how his relationship with older boys in Chinook shapes his behavior) and how those relationships make up for the lack of parental guidance in Toby's life.

Essay Topic 3

Dwight is a cruel, inhuman man who makes life miserable for everyone around him.


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