This Boy's Life Character Descriptions

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Toby, Jack, Tobias Jonathan von Ansell-Wolff III

The novel follows this character's life through adulthood as he struggles through obstacles to discover who he is.


Men and fantasy are the downfall of this character.


This character pits family members against each other to maintain a position of power.


This character has gone through difficult times with their father.

Chuck Bolger

This character has a good heart but hurts himself by drinking often.

Mr. Howard

This character is wealthy, dresses well, and has a close family.

Arthur Gayle

This character is overweight, nerdy, and struggles with his sexuality.

Arthur/Toby's Father

This character contacts his son and ex-wife very infrequently and gives them no support.


This character moves away from home after high school to get away from the family.


This character is desperate for attention.


This character pretends everything is okay...

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