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Chapter 1, Fortune (pgs. 3-7)

• Toby and his mother are driving from Florida to Utah to escape Toby's mother's abusive, obsessive boyfriend.

• Toby makes his mother buy his love.

• Toby's mother does not live in the present; she either daydreams about a better future or thinks about her past.

Chapter 1, Fortune (pgs. 8-22)

• Toby believes changing his name will also change his identify and his life problems.

• Toby has no relationship with his older brother or his father.

• Toby takes catechism classes taught by Sister James.

• Every day, Roy and Toby hide near his mother's work and wait to follow her home.

Chapter 1, Fortune (pgs. 23-28)

• Roy gives Toby his Winchester .22 rifle.

• Toby believes the gun will give him the powerful, manly identity that he is searching for.

• Alone in the apartment after school, Toby tracks people outside on the street and pretends to shoot them.

• The more innocent...

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