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Jay Asher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hannah do just before the recorder clicks off?
(a) She apologizes.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She cries.
(d) She sighs.

2. Whose life does Tony say will never be the same?
(a) His.
(b) Tony's.
(c) Jenny's.
(d) Bryce's.

3. What does Clay ask Tony as they are driving?
(a) If he was at the Cottonwood party.
(b) If he loved Hannah too.
(c) If they were still friends.
(d) If he bought the car himself.

4. What was on the rack at the back of the room in Hannah's favorite class?
(a) Drawings from different members of the class.
(b) Competative grade posting.
(c) Personalized bags for compliment notes.
(d) Folders of the day's activites.

5. What does Tony do as he is pulling out of the parking lot?
(a) Blasts the radio.
(b) Cries.
(c) Waves good-bye to Clay.
(d) Stops and stays in the parking lot.

6. Why does Clay run after Skye?
(a) He thinks she is cute and wants to ask her out.
(b) He sees her talking to Bryce and wants to warn her about him.
(c) He remembered meeting her on a train and wants to be friends.
(d) He wants to make sure what happened to Hannah does not happen to her.

7. What does his mother give him along with the tapes?
(a) A sack lunch.
(b) Money for the movies.
(c) The number for a therapist.
(d) Money for a malted.

8. What bothered the class about the note Hannah left?
(a) It was from Hannah.
(b) It was pathetic.
(c) It was written in red ink.
(d) It was anonymous.

9. What appeals to Clay as he looks at the menu?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Souffle.
(c) Pie.
(d) Pizza.

10. What does Tony want Clay to do right away?
(a) Listen to the next tape.
(b) Go home.
(c) Talk to Hannah's mother.
(d) Take out his map.

11. What does he tell his mother he is doing?
(a) Writing music.
(b) Waiting for a date.
(c) The truth.
(d) Working on a school project.

12. What resulted from Jenny running down a stop sign after the party?
(a) Jenny and Hannah became best friends.
(b) Jenny had to go to jail.
(c) It caused a fatal car accident.
(d) Jenny and Hannah made a pact.

13. Who is the boy that enters the room where Jessica is passed out?
(a) Peter.
(b) Justin.
(c) Bryce.
(d) Clay.

14. Which side of Cassette 4 is playing in Part 5?
(a) Side A.
(b) Side B.
(c) Side C.
(d) Side D.

15. Who is kissing on the couch that Hannah and Clay are sitting on?
(a) Tony and Veronica.
(b) Justin and Jenny.
(c) Marcus and Jenny.
(d) Alex and Jessica.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hannah say to the person who approached her after Marcus left?

2. How does Hannah feel about Clay?

3. What does Skye say that reminds Clay of Hannah?

4. When does Part 9 take place?

5. Where does Clay go instead of Courtney's house?

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