Thirteen Reasons Why Short Essay - Answer Key

Jay Asher
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1. Why would the author begin the story with a Prologue?

The author begins the story with a Prologue so that he may set the plot up for the reader. He also uses it to introduce mystery, suspense and characters.

2. What is Clay Jensen doing as the story opens?

As the story opens, Clay Jensen is at the post office mailing a package to a girl named Jenny. The package is addressed to "the next name on Hannah Baker's list"

3. How does Clay feel about Jenny?

Clay does not seem to like Jenny. In fact, he feels that Jenny does not deserve "one final day of peace."

4. How does Clay feel about what he has heard on the tapes he is mailing to Jenny?

Clay is upset by what he has heard on the tapes. The reader does not know what that is, but does know that Clay never wants to hear them again and wonders what others will think of them.

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